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Project result #1 (PR1) will be a training course on online community action and social participation mechanisms, aimed at people with disabilities. The main goal of the training course is to train adults with disabilities to enhance their digital skills and competences, so they are able to promote and participate in community action initiatives in an equal basis to others, seizing ICTs.
Project result #2 (PR2) is a toolkit. The aim of this Toolkit is to give professionals tools so they can raise awareness among the people they work with and show them the opportunities that digital and online tools can offer to be active in their community. The Toolkit will be developed to include: • Short training pills to improve the professionals understanding of community participation and digital community participation, as well as their competences and knowledge on digital tools. •Practical tools and resources to use with the people they work with, such as videos, examples of successful active participation, dynamics to be carried out... These tools will be organized and systemized, to be used in different situations and to work on specific topics/environment related to community participation and the áreas covered in the training course. This Toolkit will also put specific attention to the knowledge, digital knowledge and the skills and competences required by the professionals so they can support the community participation of the people they work with.
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